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Screen Printing Sizes & Locations

Screen Printing Sizes and Garment Locations

Where can I print on a specific type of garment?

The chart below lists the maximum dimensions for our most common print locations. They are listed by type of garment followed by size category. Can't find what you are looking for? Call us at 815-732-1556 or Contact Us via email.

T-Shirt Screen Print Dimensions

FRONT/BACK Locations

ADULT Full Front/Back 12.5" WIDE x 14" TALL
LADIES Full Front/Back 9" WIDE x 10" TALL
YOUTH Full Front/Back 9" WIDE x 10" TALL
INFANT Full Front/Back 5" WIDE x 5" TALL

CHEST Locations

Left/Right Chest 3.5"-4" WIDE x 8.5" TALL
On Pocket 3" MAX WIDE x 3.5" TALL

SLEEVE Locations

LONG Left/Right 4" MAX WIDE x 14" TALL
SHORT Left/Right 3.5-4" WIDE x 4" TALL

OVERSIZE** Locations

Oversize Print 16" WIDE x 20" TALL


ADULT Front 12.5" WIDE x 8.5" TALL
ADULT ZIP Front 12.5" WIDE x 8.5" TALL*
*Allow 2" in center for zipper.
YOUTH Front 9" WIDE x 5.5" TALL
ADULT Full Back 12.5" WIDE x 12.5" TALL
YOUTH Full Back 9" WIDE x 10" TALL


Front Print 3.5" WIDE x 2" TALL
Back Print 3" WIDE x 0.5" TALL
Visor Print 3.5" WIDE x 1" TALL

Leg Prints

Left/Right Side 4" MAX WIDE x 14" TALL
Left/Right Thigh 3.5 - 5" WIDE x 5" TALL
Butt Print 10.5 - 11" WIDE x 3" TALL*
*Allow 3/4" in center for seam.


Upper Back MAX 12.5" WIDE x MAX 2" TALL
Left/Right Chest MAX 4.5" WIDE x 0.5" TALL
On Hood MAX 6" WIDE x 1.5" TALL


Printed Collar Tag 2" WIDE x 2" TALL
Koozie 3" WIDE x 3" TALL
Wristband 2" WIDE x 2" TALL
**Call for information and pricing.

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